Alloy Steel Bar Manufacturer And Supplier in Stand Road

Alloy Steel Bar Manufacturer And Supplier in Stand Road

Alloy Steel Bars

Discover Usha Metal Industries Private Limited, your trusted partner for premium alloy steel bars on Stand Road. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in delivering high-quality alloy steel bars crafted with precision and expertise. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure stringent quality control and consistency in every product batch. Whether you’re in automotive, construction, or manufacturing sectors, our alloy steel bars are designed to meet diverse industrial needs with durability and reliability. Count on Usha Metal Industries Private Limited for superior products and unparalleled customer service, setting the standard in alloy steel bar manufacturing on Stand Road.

Technical specification of Alloy Steel Bars

Technical SpecificationsDetails
MaterialAlloy Steel
GradeVarious grades available upon request
Diameter Range5 mm to 100 mm
Surface FinishBright, Black, Polished
ToleranceAs per ASTM or customer specifications
Heat TreatmentAnnealed, Normalized, Quenched and Tempered
Mechanical Properties– Tensile Strength: High<br>- Yield Strength: High<br>- Elongation: Depending on grade
Chemical CompositionCarbon, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Others
ApplicationsAutomotive parts, Machinery components, Tools
CertificationISO 9001:2015, Other certifications on request
PackagingStandard bundles, Custom packaging available
Delivery ConditionsAnnealed or as rolled
Supply AbilityLarge scale production capabilities
Quality ControlStringent quality checks and inspections
Customization OptionsSize, Length, Surface Finish, Packaging
Additional ServicesMachining, Heat Treatment, Testing
ComplianceASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, Other international standards


Features of Alloy Steel Bar

  • Usha Metal Industries Private Limited produces alloy steel bars renowned for their exceptional durability and resilience in demanding industrial environments.
  • Our precision machining services ensure that alloy steel bars meet exact specifications, guaranteeing high performance and reliability.
  • With versatile applications across automotive, machinery, and construction sectors, our alloy steel bars are trusted for their robustness and versatility.
  • Each batch of alloy steel bars undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure adherence to stringent international standards.
  • We offer comprehensive customization options, allowing clients to tailor alloy steel bars to specific size, length, and surface finish requirements.
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