Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Bhillai

Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Bhillai

Hot Die Steel Bars - Usha Metal Industries

Usha Metal Industries Private Limited stands at the forefront as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Hot Die Steel Bars in Bhilai. Renowned for our commitment to quality and precision, we specialize in crafting Hot Die Steel Bars that meet stringent industry standards. Our bars are designed for exceptional durability and performance, making them ideal for hot forging, extrusion dies, and die casting applications. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a focus on innovation, Usha Metal Industries delivers reliable solutions tailored to enhance productivity across various industrial sectors in Bhilai. Choose us for superior Hot Die Steel Bars that exceed expectations.

Technical specification of Hot Die Steel Bar

Material GradeH13, H11, H21 or as specified
Chemical Composition (%)C: 0.32-0.45 (H13), 0.33-0.43 (H11), 0.15-0.25 (H21); Si: 0.80-1.20 (H13), 0.90-1.20 (H11), 0.20-0.50 (H21); Mn: 0.20-0.50 (all); Cr: 4.75-5.50 (H13, H11), 2.50-3.50 (H21); Mo: 1.10-1.75 (H13), 0.30-0.60 (H11), 2.50-3.50 (H21); V: 0.80-1.20 (H13), not specified (H11, H21)
Mechanical PropertiesUltimate Tensile Strength: 1500-1800 MPa (depending on grade), Yield Strength: ≥ 1300 MPa, Elongation: ≥ 9-10% (depending on grade)
Heat TreatmentPreheat at 700-900°C (depending on grade), Austenitize at 1010-1060°C (depending on grade), Quench in air, oil, or salt bath, Temper at 500-600°C (depending on grade)
Hardness (HRC)50-55 (after tempering, depending on grade)
MicrostructureMartensite or tempered martensite (depending on treatment)
Surface FinishSmooth ground or polished
ApplicationsHot forging dies, Extrusion dies, Die casting tools, Hot punches, Hot work tools, Extrusion tools, Die casting dies

Features of Hot Die Steel Bar

  • Usha Metal Industries’ Hot Die Steel Bars are innovatively designed with enhanced resistance to thermal shock and cyclic loading.

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars feature a proprietary alloy composition that improves wear resistance and reduces tooling maintenance.

  • With precision-engineered grain structure, our Hot Die Steel Bars offer superior toughness and fatigue resistance.

  • Usha Metal Industries employs advanced surface treatment technologies to provide Hot Die Steel Bars with exceptional corrosion resistance.

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars are tailored with a specialized heat treatment process that ensures uniform hardness and dimensional stability.

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