Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Dasnagar

Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Dasnagar

Hot Die Steel Bars - Usha Metal Industries Private Limited

Discover top-quality Hot Die Steel Bars crafted to precision by Usha Metal Industries Private Limited, your trusted manufacturer and supplier in Dasnagar. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we deliver robust and durable Hot Die Steel Bars that meet the highest industry standards. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures superior strength and reliability, making them ideal for demanding applications in various sectors. Choose Usha Metal Industries for unmatched quality and service, ensuring your projects excel with the best Hot Die Steel Bars available in Dasnagar.

Technical specification of Hot Die Steel Bar

Material GradeHigh-grade alloyed steel
StandardASTM A681, DIN 1.2344, JIS SKD61, or custom specifications
Diameter Range10 mm to 300 mm
Length1 meter to 6 meters
Surface FinishBlack, turned, or polished
Hardness52-56 HRC (Heat treated)
Tensile Strength1100-1300 MPa
Impact Strength20-30 J/cm²
Chemical CompositionCarbon (C): 0.35-0.42%, Chromium (Cr): 4.75-5.50%
ApplicationsHot forging dies, extrusion dies, die casting dies
Heat TreatmentAnnealing, quenching and tempering
Delivery ConditionAnnealed or hardened and tempered
CertificationMill Test Certificate as per EN 10204 3.1


Features of Hot Die Steel Bar

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars offer exceptional thermal conductivity, crucial for maintaining precise temperatures during molding processes.

  • Engineered for prolonged tool life, our Hot Die Steel Bars resist deformation under high pressure, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Crafted with precision, our Hot Die Steel Bars exhibit superior machinability, facilitating intricate shaping and finishing

  • Designed for versatility, our Hot Die Steel Bars provide optimal dimensional stability across varying operating conditions.

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars feature a uniform microstructure, enhancing toughness and resistance to cracking during intense heat cycles.

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