Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Dumdum

Hot Die Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Dumdum

Hot Die Steel Bars - Usha Metal Industries

Usha Metal Industries Private Limited is your trusted source for Hot Die Steel Bars in Dumdum. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying high-quality bars that meet stringent industry standards. Our Hot Die Steel Bars are renowned for their exceptional strength, durability, and precision, making them ideal for hot forging, extrusion dies, and die casting applications. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Usha Metal Industries ensures reliable products that enhance performance across diverse industrial sectors. Choose us for superior Hot Die Steel Bars tailored to your specific needs in Dumdum.

Technical specification of Hot Die Steel Bar

Material GradeH13, H11, H21, or as specified
Chemical Composition (%)C: 0.15-0.45, Si: 0.20-1.20, Mn: 0.20-0.50, Cr: 2.50-5.50, Mo: 0.30-3.50, V: 0.80-1.20
Mechanical PropertiesUltimate Tensile Strength: 1500-2000 MPa, Yield Strength: ≥ 1300 MPa, Elongation: ≥ 7-10%
Heat TreatmentPreheat: 700-900°C (depends on grade), Austenitize: 1010-1060°C (depends on grade), Quench: Air, oil, salt bath (specific to application), Temper: 500-600°C (depends on grade)
HardnessHRC 45-55 (typical range after tempering)
MicrostructureFine-grained martensite or tempered martensite depending on treatment
Surface FinishSmooth ground or polished surface for improved wear resistance
ApplicationsHot forging dies, Extrusion dies, Die casting tools, Hot punches, Hot work tools, Extrusion tools, Die casting dies

Features of Hot Die Steel Bar

  • Usha Metal Industries’ Hot Die Steel Bars are engineered with enhanced resistance to thermal cracking, ensuring reliability in high-temperature applications.

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars exhibit superior dimensional stability under extreme forging pressures, maintaining precision in tooling.

  • With optimized chemical homogeneity, our Hot Die Steel Bars offer consistent mechanical properties throughout their cross-section.

  • Usha Metal Industries guarantees Hot Die Steel Bars with improved corrosion resistance, extending tool life in harsh environments.

  • Our Hot Die Steel Bars are crafted with advanced metallurgical techniques to minimize internal stresses, enhancing fatigue resistance.

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