Tool Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Stand Road

Tool Steel Bar manufacturer and supplier in Stand Road

Tool steel bars in a manufacturing facility

Usha Metal Industries Private Limited, located on Stand Road in Kolkata, is a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of premium Tool Steel Bars. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence and precision engineering, we craft each bar to exacting standards, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance. Our comprehensive range caters to diverse industrial needs, offering robust solutions with a focus on reliability and efficiency. At Usha Metal Industries, based in Kolkata, we prioritize client satisfaction, delivering superior quality and service that exceed expectations.

Technical specification of Tool Steel Bar

MaterialTool Steel
GradeVarious grades available
Diameter6mm to 200mm
Length1 meter to 6 meters
Surface TreatmentBlack oxide, Polished
Hardness45-65 HRC
Tolerance+/- 0.1mm
ApplicationsDie making, Mold making, Industrial tools
StandardsAISI, ASTM, DIN
Heat TreatmentAnnealed, Hardened & Tempered
Delivery ConditionCold drawn, Hot rolled

Features of Tool Steel Bar

  • Renowned for their exceptional durability and resistance to wear, our tool steel bars excel in demanding industrial environments.
  • Engineered with precision for superior toughness, our tool steel bars maintain their integrity even under extreme pressure.
  • Designed for enhanced machinability, our tool steel bars allow for efficient shaping and customization across various applications.
  • Each tool steel bar undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure unmatched performance and reliability in critical operations.
  • With superior corrosion resistance, our tool steel bars are ideal for applications requiring extended exposure to harsh environments.
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