Alloy Steel Bar

Alloy Steel Bar Manufacturer And Supplier in Kolkata and Howrah

Alloy steel bars displayed in a manufacturing facility.

Usha Metal Industries Private Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata and Howrah, offers top-quality alloy steel bars designed for optimal strength and durability. Our alloy steel bars are engineered to withstand high stress and provide excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services, ensuring our clients receive the best solutions for their needs.

Technical specification and business information of Alloy Steel Bar

Technical Specifications:
Property Specification
Material Grade Hot Die Steel (H11, H13)
Diameter Range 20mm to 300mm (Custom sizes available on request)
Length 2 meters to 6 meters (Custom lengths available)
Hardness HRC 45 – 55 (H11), HRC 50 – 60 (H13)
Chemical Composition Carbon (C), Chromium (Cr), Molybdenum (Mo), Vanadium (V)
Heat Treatment Annealed, Hardened, Tempered
Surface Finish Turned & Polished, Black, Peeled & Ground
Tolerance DIN 1013/ISO 286 h9, h10, h11, ASTM A484
Certification Mill Test Certificate as per EN 10204 3.1
Applications Hot forging dies, Die casting dies, Extrusion dies, Plastic molds, Punches, Bolsters
Business Information:
Information Details
Company Name Usha Metal Industries Private Limited
Location Howrah, West Bengal, India
Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Payment Terms Depends on the volume and requirement
Delivery Terms Depends on the requirements of the buyers
Customization Custom sizes and lengths are available upon request
Minimum Order Quantity According to the need of domestic and international buyers
Lead Time According to the order quantity
Additional Services Machining, Heat Treatment, Testing
Customer Support Dedicated customer support for inquiries and assistance

Features of Alloy Steel Bar

  • Our alloy steel bars offer superior strength and toughness, ensuring reliable performance in high-stress environments.
  • With high wear resistance, our steel bars endure abrasive conditions, minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Engineered for exceptional corrosion resistance, our bars maintain integrity in harsh environments.
  • Precision manufacturing techniques ensure tight tolerances and consistent quality in every bar.
  • We offer versatility and customization options to meet specific project requirements.
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